So fresh...from Paddock to Plate

Barambah Organics farms are audited by ACO (Australian Certified Organic) to verify that no chemicals are being used in the farming system. Every input into the farms is organic, from organic grain and pastures, to natural remedies for the cows. This ensures the milk is of the highest quality and taste.

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Organic Farming

Learn why all-natural organic products make a difference.

Importance of a Cow's Diet

Cows that are fed a balanced diet with all their required nutrients produce award winning...

The Barambah Dairy Range

Barambah Organics produces a range of organic dairy products namely yoghurt, fresh cheeses and bottled milk. All of our products are of the highest quality and are lauded for their superior taste! They are fast becoming the dairy of choice for a growing number of restaurants and outlets around Australia.


Multi-award winning, our organic cheeses are famous both domestically and internationally.


Pure, delicious and naturally sweet. These Gold medal creams are always in high demand.


We create both stirred and tub set yoghurts for the discerning consumers. 


This is how milk used to taste and should taste.


Great tasting, lactose free and light in fat.

So fresh...from Paddock to Plate