On the Farm

Barambah Organic dairy farms produce all of the organic milk that forms the basis for the dairy range.

Barambah Organics has two dairy farms in the Border Rivers Region of QLD. The farms are well located on the Dumaresq River System and on the McIntyre Brook. Our cows graze on mixed pastures and are 80-90% grass fed and their diet is supplemented with grains and minerals to ensure optimum health. Animal welfare and extensive grazing is a key organic principle, and Barambah's stocking rate on the two dairy farms is 1 cow to 5 acres. These are not any acres either, this is on prime agricultural land with superb pastures. In comparison, the average conventional dairy is 2 cows to the acre.

​​Barambah Farms also has a 10,000 tree olive grove, located on the Macintyre Brook. Barambah's first harvest was in August 2017 and the olives were pressed for oil. The oil has been tested and verified by the NSW Department of Primary Industries to be extra virgin olive oil. No chemicals or artificial fertilisers were used to produce the olives and the grove is in the process of being certified organic.

At Barambah Organics our calves are not considered by us to be waste products. We are fortunate to have a large expansive area to raise the calves. At the age of 6 months we take the females to another one of our properties which is 20kms from the dairy farm. There they have 1,300 acres to roam, and we take the males to our 7,500 acre property, which is 100kms away.

We often get asked the question "When are the calves separated from their mothers?" Each calf is different and needs to be individually assessed and monitored after birth. Some calves are completely abandoned by their mothers and human intervention is required earlier so that the calf receives its much needed colostrum, much like human babies. The calf is not separated from its mother until it is truly on its way and fit and healthy.

Our cows are not artificially inseminated. We have approximately 18 bulls in our paddocks, we let nature takes its course. We have at any point in time approximately 100 cows who are rested from the milking herd. They can be out for 2-3 months.

Ian Campbell has been in the dairy industry for many years now and he has seen the true respect and regard that so many dairy farmers give to their animals. The average dairy farmer works a 14 hour day and strangely they choose this path for the lifestyle, as dairy farmers truly love their animals and all family members can work together. We have four farm Managers who have great respect for our cows and calves.

So fresh...from Paddock to Plate