Barambah Organics began in 2002 after Ian Campbell converted his fourth generation family farm, “Spring Creek” in 1999 to organic status with Australian Certified Organic. The Campbell family had been farming in the South Burnett region of QLD since 1912. The dairy farming operation moved to the Border Rivers Region of NSW/QLD in 2006 in order to secure access to reliable and safe water. This has been an excellent move for Barambah Organics and the cows are thriving in this location.

Ian Campbell is a highly qualified Rural Scientist who specialised in animal nutrition at University and then delved further into human nutrition. Ian worked in Queensland and Victoria as an animal nutrionist in the early 1990s and then took a position with a company that had him working in both the United Kingdom and in South America in the late 1990s for a two year period. 

Barambah produced its first bottle of milk in March  2002. There were eight stores and around fifty homes that were ready to take the milk, bottled in glass. Many of those stores are still taking our product today, like Rosalie Foodstore and Plenty Deli at Eight Mile Plains. There are now close to 800 stores around Australia, and a number of stores overseas, who are stocking Barambah products. Barambah has an excellent team in place, who have been working with us for many years. Barambah has achieved both international and national dairy awards and is now successfully exporting to a number of countries.

A social licence to operate. Barambah’s knows and understands that this is highly important. Barambah is able to continue to function as long as it is socially acceptable to do so. Barambah may have licences from various authorities to produce dairy products for consumers but that is of no use if we don’t have practices and policies that are deemed socially acceptable by you, the consumer. 

Many people make contact with Barambah regarding their concerns in a vast array of areas. Barambah is listening and is always trying to improve the way we function. Barambah is operated by one small family who are answerable to consumers, not a board of directors who are answerable to shareholders. We are always looking to improve on our practices and social policies.

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