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  • After trying your Marinated Feta, I will never be able to eat a supermarket feta again! Jeustelle Staver (ACT)
Thank you for making such delicious cheeses! I'm really loving the Quark in particular.
  • After working in international kitchens for years, Barmabah Organics Labna is the best I have found outside the Middle East! Darren Clements – International Chef
  • Just used your Pure Cream in a desert, OMG beautiful product! Could have eaten the cream straight from the tub! Have been a big fan of your yoghurts for a long time now and can now add the cream to my list of fave products. Melinda Nolan
  • We have just bought and tasted your Sour Cream and it is absolutely delicious. It is great to taste such a fantastic product - especially as it is organic and from Australia. Sally – Adelaide
  • A short note to say I love your Organic Milk – it is a cut above the rest. Douglas Stuart
  • Your Barambah Organics All Natural Yoghurt is awesome. I have never tasted such smooth, velvety yoghurt. My lunch today consisted of chopped apple, orange, crushed almond and walnut and many dolops of BOANY…yum! Thank you!
  • I recently purchased your Low Fat Yoghurt for my son, as it has been the only yoghurt I have found in my quest to eliminate as much as possible sugars and bad fats from his diet. Was even happier when he found it quite delicious to eat. Leoni Smith
  • I tried most of Infants Yoghurts on the market for my baby, and yours is the best! Really tasty and creamy...looking forward to trying your other products for the whole family! Ivana Rosandic
  • I have long been a lover of your Full Cream Milk & I recently tested out your Greek Yoghurt and was just floored. It is exceptional, I fear we are falling into a habit of a 1kg bucket a week! I am always confident serving up your products to our baby girl, when I walk over to the highchair with a slice of your cheese she wriggles, reaches out and says "Ummmm!" which I choose to translate as Yum! Karen
  • I am 31 years old and I have NEVER tasted anything like your Bush Honey Yopghurt (not even in Germany)! It tastes creamy and yummy without being pumped up with sugar or cream - my 3 year old son loves it, too, and I was even able to convince my hubby to have some of it, and he doesn't usually eat yoghurt. So - nothing but praise for this item, I will buy more of it in the future and look forward to trying your other products! Kathrin Weber
  • I just thought I'd drop you a line to say I LOVE your yogurt range!! I especially like the Vanilla Bean with Cinnamon - and the Blueberry Yogurt is so delicious too. I always go to my local Spar supermarket on the day they restock the yogurts as they sell so quickly! Thanks! Greta Dumbleton
  • Firstly, I just had to say thanks and let you know that your Lactose Free Natural Yoghurt has totally rocked my world. I'm lactose intolerant and all the other lactose-free yoghurts I've tried are really sweet. I don't know how you do it, but your Lactose Free Yoghurt is AMAZING and tastes exactly like the real, lactose-containing stuff. It's seriously amazing and I love starting my day with it. So a huge THANK YOU!
  • Just a quick note to let you know how wonderful your products are! I have consumed (in quantity!) all of your yogurts and each one is absolutely delicious!! At the moment, I have the Mango flavour and it is difficult not to eat in one sitting!! Well done and I am recommending your products highly to family, friends and work colleagues. I shop at my local Supermarket, Leo's Fine Foods in Kew Victoria – I get in early as I find your products disappear off the shelves quickly! Keep up the good work – and pats to those lovely cows. Lindsey Bray
  • I have always been a yogurt fan, and had one of your Blueberry Yogurts when visiting Ikea recently. I just wanted to congratulate you on an amazing product, it was a fantastic experience and I loved it!! Congratulations. A Happy customer, Evette Locke
  • Just a quick note to let you know how much I love your Real Passionfruit Yoghurt. I am not a real yoghurt lover, buy it occasionally , but was in my organic butcher shop a couple of weeks ago and noticed the yoghurt. Being organic I thought I would try it and it is just delicious! I will be a regular customer now so keep it coming!! Thanks again for a wonderful product. Susie Edmond

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