It is back Milk in glass

Reusable packaging!

Barambah Organics began in 2002 with milk in 1L glass bottles. Bottles were returned to stores by customers, and then the clean bottles were passed onto Barambah’s delivery drivers for return to the factory. Barambah washed and recycled glass bottles for two years.

Barambah has returned to glass packaging. We have sourced an excellent screen printed 946ml bottle, that has a tamper evident lid. Barambah understands that there are many benefits to glass:

  1. Milk from glass bottles just tastes better.
  2. The glass bottles can be returned and reused, helping to reduce waste going to landfill. Barambah is aiming for an 80% glass bottle return rate.
  3. Milk stays colder in glass.

So fresh...from Paddock to Plate